BCAMRT: Beyond Member Registration

October 14, 2012


Who exactly is the BCAMRT?  Why do we care? Well for any MRT in BC, the BCAMRT, or British Columbia Association of Medical Radiation Technologists, is known as the body that collects our ‘dues’ to become registered members of the association. But what do these fees pay for? Well, there are many advantages to becoming […]

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October 3, 2012


  As an educator, what thoughts or emotions are evoked when viewing this image?

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Teaching an Online Course?

October 2, 2012


http://www.facultyfocus.com/ Here’s a great site that is just LOADED with great tips on improving communication, best practices for the online environment, and media in education. You’re welcome 🙂

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12 Ways to Improve your Lectures

October 2, 2012


Tomorrow’s Teaching and Learning National Teaching and Learning Forum Newsletter, Vol. 20, Number 5, September 2011.© Copyright 1996-2011. Published by James Rhem & Associates, Inc. —————————————— 3,165 words ———————————– Designing and Delivering Effective Lectures “College is a place where the professor’s lecture notes go straight to the students’ lecture notes, without passing through the brains […]

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Reflection on the Power of Social Media

September 30, 2012


Journal: How Social Media can Make History Vanessa Crawford http://www.ted.com/talks/lang/en/seth_priebatsch_the_game_layer_on_top_of_the_world.html OBJECTIVE: At the core of Clay Shirky’s talk on social media’s power to change history is the proposal that the Internet is the first technological revolution to allow for groups and conversation to exist at the same time. Previously, with innovations such as the radio, […]

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Reflection on the Game Layer

September 30, 2012


Journal: The Game Layer on Top of the World Vanessa Crawford OBJECTIVE: In this Ted Talks video http://www.ted.com/talks/lang/en/seth_priebatsch_the_game_layer_on_top_of_the_world.html, Seth Priebatsch eloquently discusses the next major technological shift; the Game Layer. He sets out that the building blocks are in place to create a framework where much of our decisions and behaviors will be directed through […]

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Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists

September 25, 2012


Canadian Association of Medical Radiologic Technologists

Here is a link to the national certifying body. It is a great resource for x-ray techs and educators alike. 

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